Suckered Apparel

Would you like to collaborate with us?

SUCKERED is a new alternative label fresh out of Brisbane, Australia. We design all of our own original prints - inspired by 90s anime and manga, nu goth, feminist shizzo, and the cyber space as a whole.


If you feel you see eye-to-eye with what we're about, and believe you can further our outreach and boost sales, we may want to work with you!

We're looking to collaborate with personalities that have a substantial following on these platforms:


Instagram - must provide link to Instagram

Tumblr - must provide proof of follower count and link to personal posts

Blogs - must provide link and proof of views/members

Australian Youtube channels with over 10k subscribers, and international channels with over 50k subscribers


Please don't contact us without links to your social media platforms.

Keep in mind that we are looking to work with only those who truly support our label, brand, and everything we're about. ;)


Show your support by buying something!

  • As a fresh new label, we're still just a small (but dedicated!) team. Help us get things off the ground by showing some TRUE support and placing an order.


Show your support by following our social media!

  • Give us a shoutout and show us a glimpse of things to come with you promoting us.

  • If you aren't at least following us and keeping active on our social media, why should we consider you as a promoter?

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